How to Resurrect your Blog?

Your once beloved blog has now fallen victim to spammers and crackers.  It might be hard trying to fight the urge to scream at yourself for letting all your hard work go to vain. Maybe you are thinking to yourself that this could be the end of the road for your blog. That it may be time to throw away and begin with something new. No. This is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. It is time to roll up yourselves and start working. Below are a few steps that will help you resurrect your blog.

Clean the Website

When buying a second-hand car, you need to clean it and repair it. At this point, focus on clearing and removing the spam from your website. Update your CMs and repair or replace broken links, images, or pages.

Check Ratings

Pay special attention to the position of the blog in several search engines. With new content coming in, there is a high possibility that your blog might have gone back in the SERPs.

Have a Recovery Strategy

Begin by getting in touch with the people in the old comments. While doing so, approve only legitimate things in the spam queue. Reach out to old readers and spark their interest in the blog.

Have a New Design

Hire a web designer to help you get a fresh new look for our website. A new design will capture your reader’s attention. Alternatively, look for some of the tutorials online that could assist you.

Perform a Content Audit

Review your content and find a way to improve it. Do not remove old content as it will result in you losing several viewers and many 404 errors. The journey to recovery is long and hard. Nevertheless, with determination, you will reach your goal.

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