Get on Pinterest to Drum Up More Interest

Pinterest is quickly gaining more popularity than Twitter. The two social media sites are currently neck-to-neck. To put your business on the map, turn to Pinterest also.

Fun Facts about Pinterest

Here are a few facts that have been gathered from several research reports.

  • Currently, there are 12 million users on Pinterest.
  • Over 28% of the users have an average income of $100k.
  • 69% of the viewers on Pinterest end up buying something.

Understanding Pinterest

Putting your business on Pinterest is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to have a post that readers will want to use or refer to the post. The users could also want to pin it on their wall. Some etiquette should be followed when making a post.

  • Avoid posting a logo that is too blatant. A logo might not inspire the users to re-pin.
  • Offer the users something that they will find valuable. However, do not overdo it especially in the references part. One or two are enough.
  • Stand out and go against the standard marketing letters.

Examples of Good Pinnable Posts

There are several things to post on Pinterest. They include:

  • Quotes
  • Contests
  • Do-it-yourself projects

Getting Followers on Pinterest

To gain followers begin by following others. Follow your friends, family, and best customers. Remember, when following others, your best customer is not the one with a big account but the one who will refer you to new customers. To gain more followers, you can also link other social media sites to your Pinterest account. Linking your Twitter or Facebook to your Pinterest feed will cross promote your business.

You will require these basics in advertising your business on Pinterest. It will not be long before you have thousands and thousands of new customers depending on your business.

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