How to Make Money Out of Your CBD Blog

CBD oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic and antioxidant agent that is best known for reducing anxiety, depression symptoms, chronic pain and other conditions. It is one of the fastest growing industries in most states, and this has resulted in an increase of CBD blogs.

It’s easy to start a CBD Oil blog that gives information about the product and its medical benefits. While at it, you may also want to make extra money by monetizing your blog. In this article, we will look at some tips that will guide you on how to make money off your CBD blog.

Insert Ads

One way to make money off your CBD blog is through paid advertisements. As your brand grows and your website’s traffic increases, you will find advertisers who are willing to pay in order to get exposure to your audience. Websites such as Norml and High Times are just some of the cannabis blogs that make an income from advertising.

You can run ads on your blog through channels like Ad networks, site sponsorship, text links, newsletter advertising and many more.

Offer Freelance Services

A common way that most bloggers make money from their blogs is through offering freelance services to their audience. You can take advantage of the growing prevalence of the cannabis industry to reach your target audience using content marketing. This can be anything from app and web development, to writing and copywriting, to design and training.

Sell Cannabis Products

If you have any cannabis products like CBD oil, topical, or edibles, you can try selling them on your blog. Over the past years, there has been a drastic increase in the hemp market, with CBD products being in high demand.

Sell Digital Products

Along with selling physical products on your blog, it is also possible to sell digital products to increase your income. For instance, you can sell items like online courses, workshops, eBooks, videos, images or music that people can use in their content. You can also sell apps, themes or plugins.

When selling digital products on your CBD blog, make sure that the products meet the needs of your readers.

Get Affiliate Income

If you do not have CBD products of your own, you can get income for your blog through affiliate promotions. This means linking CBD products that are on sell from other sites. As you run CBD stories, you can add the trackable affiliate link to your blog or share it with family and friends. When someone follows the link and purchases the product, you earn a commission on that sale.

It is easy to make affiliate income since there are many CBD products that require awareness. Your blog can be a good marketing place, especially if you have an engaging audience.

Organize Events and Sell Tickets

Organizing events is something you can successfully do to make money on your CBD blog. Take advantage of the growing popularity and market of CBD and organize events or conferences that will host other CBD bloggers and readers who are interested in finding out more about the product. Money is made by charging the attendees or getting a sponsor for the event.

Alternatively, you can organize webinars to discuss various topics and sell access to readers. Most webinars are free, and they can be held live or recorded and made available on your site.

Add Sponsored Posts and Videos

Another option to make money is by writing posts and making videos and press releases for another company on your blog. With your understanding of the cannabis industry, you can be paid to write reviews or exclusive posts about certain CBD products on your blog. Sponsored content can earn you good money as long as you get targeted traffic to your CBD blog.

The list of how you can monetize your CBD blog is endless. You can choose to use only one money-making avenue or combine various options at once. Do not be afraid to experiment in order to identify which avenues of income will work best for you and your audience.

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