What You Need to Know about Bitcoin Hosting

If your website earns the majority of its revenue in Bitcoin by sell and buy runescape items, then it is more advisable to get Bitcoin hosting instead of regular hosting. To blockchain enthusiasts, Bitcoin hosting is very attractive because it has a high standard of privacy and security. Besides, a lot of industries are already integrating cryptocurrencies into their systems. These include insurance, real estate, gaming (as in-game currency), and more. So, for your own website, why not try Bitcoin hosting?

Why Bitcoin Hosting Anyway?

Of course, people would ask what’s in it for them if they use Bitcoin hosting as opposed to regular hosting. Here are a few benefits that Bitcoin hosting gives:

Privacy Benefits

The thing about Bitcoin hosting is that it heavily caters to those who earn revenues in Bitcoin and to those who don’t want to use third-party payment processing such as Paypal or credit cards to pay for their hosting. This means that you don’t need to give out any information like name, address, credit card details, etc.

Fast Payments

Another great thing about using Bitcoin hosting is that the payments are really fast. Once you transfer the Bitcoins into the web host’s wallet, you just have to wait for probably around 20 minutes and the money goes in.

No Need to Rely on Third-Party Processing

If ever your third-party payment processor has a system error or decides to freeze your account, you’ll have a big problem with payments. With Bitcoin hosting, you won’t have a problem with that because you can pay with Bitcoins directly from your wallet.

No Additional Fees

Usually, third-party payment processing would have extra fees on top of what you have to pay for hosting. These include transaction fees or interest fees. The great thing about paying in Bitcoin is that there are none of that. If your electronic wallet does charge a transaction fee, it’s very minimal compared to what you’ll usually pay.

Of course, there are a few cons to using Bitcoin hosting as well. For one, Bitcoin is generally complex, meaning you have to learn all about the system and integrate it into your own finance and accounting system. Another thing is that the price of Bitcoin against the Dollar is very volatile, meaning the exchange rate can go up or down pretty much anytime.

If you don’t mind these cons, however, then Bitcoin hosting will really benefit you.

What Are the Hosts That Support Bitcoin?

So, now that you know what Bitcoin hosting has to offer, here are some hosts that support Bitcoin. You may try to use them for your next website:

  • AwardSpace
  • Bitcoin Web Hosting
  • JavaPipe
  • Krystal Hosting
  • Limestone Network
  • Namecheap

These are some of the important things to know about Bitcoin hosting. As the world is becoming more and more aware of the threat to personal information, people have been shifting their attention to blockchain technology as the solution. At the root of it all is Bitcoin, which may actually change the tide in the financial industry. So, if you own a website or are planning to make one and are concerned about your overall safety and privacy, Bitcoin hosting is the way to go.

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