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Online Business: How To Sell Mobile Phone Cases

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, but the rewards make up for every ounce of effort. If you are planning to do business, then selling mobile phone cases is a market you need to consider. The startups like Blackbora are doing a real business in Indian market. Let’s have a look on insights-

Mobile Phone Accessories Statistics

In 2016, the smartphone accessory market was worth over 65 billion dollars, and out of its 36%, which is over 20 billion, was spent on mobile phone cases. In short, if you start an online business selling mobile phones, you are tapping in over 20 billion worth market. The crucial part, however, is starting the business and succeeding.

How To Sell Mobile Phone Cases

Define Your Niche

Much like in any other businesses, having a clear target is significant. Defining your niche allows you to customize your mobile phone cases in a way that satisfies your target customers. At this point, you put yourself in your customers’ shoes and weigh their needs and preferences.

Brand Your Online Business

Now that you know who your target is, it is time to make your presence known. The easiest and most effective way of creating brand awareness starts with leveraging your network. Your family and friends are a great starting point; they will not only provide you with valuable feedback, but they will also be your first customers.


Despite the humongous market, creating an online business to sell mobile phone cases requires promotion.

Try Social Media Marketing

Start by leveraging social media, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other platforms that you are comfortable with. Since you may not have a significant following on social media, considering a social media influencer is an excellent addition to your promotion efforts.

Social media influencers are individuals with a considerable following. As they promote your online business brand, they expose you to a broad range of followers. Influencers endorse what you are offering, and people take their words seriously. In short, they influence potential customers to come to you.

Do Search Engine Marketing

The search engine is a favorite for everyone looking for answers. SEO techniques may prove to be a challenge, but the good news is that you can outsource such tasks from SEO experts. Create keywords that are relevant and content that is not strictly meant for marketing. Customers are likely to visit your site and buy from you if the content they find is useful. Be as informative as possible and use photos that are clear and attractive.

New phone models are availed regularly, translating to new opportunities day-in-day-out.  People are always on the lookout for a mobile phone case either for their old phones to make it more unique or for their new phone upgrade, meaning that there is no shortage of customers looking for different mobile phone cases. Knowing what the market demands most is vital, keeping in mind that there are different cases – some for aesthetic purposes while others offer protection for the valuable phone a customer can hardly stay without.

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