Our company provides educational guides and latest consumer information for web hosting shoppers and site owners. Initially, we started in a pure blog formatting, and we only have a single web marketer. Looking back to our own individual experiences, we were definitely ill-informed that we had wasted a lot of money on multiple web hosts and spent so many sleepless nights just to fix the errors on our website. As we understand how difficult and mind-blowing it is to be left with a gruesome web host, we wish that others do not have to experience the same problems. With this thought in his mind, our site was born.

Our Mission

We aim to provide and empower our users with the best information and services they will need in building and hosting a website and to educate and guide them to make an integral decision of selecting the best web hosting provider that they would need for their very own website host.

What We Are Today

We have grown bigger beyond our expectations. From being a one-man site, the platform now has a team of writers and developers from several countries. The platform is also now covering more than a hundred hosting names and brands in a form of interviews and reviews and has become a famous information source for hosting clients.